Would She Learn New Lessons the Next Time?

Posted On December 4, 2009

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When Alice was 10, she went through one of the most unusual journeys one has ever taken before. Her curiosity urged her to follow this little White Rabbit, that lead her to this large rabbit hole, where she fell through. She eventually landed in a world called Wonderland, a place where the air is filled with nonsense, the people are oddly misplaced, and everything is just so strange.

At first, Alice was very ignorant to her surroundings, and sometimes arrogent to others. But as she traveled further into Wonderland, Alice experienced things that made  her change in a way. She was given advice from a Caterpillar to find enlightenment, a Chesire-cat gave her new way to see things in a different view in the world, and an Ugly Duchess told her that morals are everywhere as long as we can find them. You can say that this adventure was like one big life lesson to her. Before Wonderland, Alice was ignorant to the world around her, and was needed to become more insightful. Now, she left Wonderland as a new person, with new knowledge that could last her a life time.

And so now I begin to wonder, what would it be like if she returned like 25 years into the future?

If she was to go back down, I see her to be more conscious of what would be going on. The lessons she learned before would make her next experience more enjoyable than the last. By then, maybe she would have an answer to the Mad Hatter’s riddle as well. But if she was to go back down a second time, would she learn anything new? The first time she went, Alice was taught life lessons that was to carry her throughout her life. But a second time around could give her even more insight than before. I would like to see another book written about her next adventure. Then maybe it can answer some things that were left unanswered in the last adventure.


One Response to “Would She Learn New Lessons the Next Time?”

  1. Meighan A.

    I agree that yes, she has learned some lessons inevitabley, however, remember Carroll didn’t want to write a story with morals or a ‘lesson’ to teach children. So maybe she would learn some basic small lessons, but nothing large like you called a “life lessons that was to carry her throughout her life”.

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