Student Name: Meighan A.


I am Costa Rican even though I have lived in the United States since I was four. I play the oboe, trumpet, and mellophone. I love to read, draw, sleep, and write long letters that I never send.

Previous Knowledge / Opinions about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prior to the Project:

I have almost no prior understanding of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, having only seen the movie in Spanish when I was three. I am rather impatient to get my paws on the book because it seems to promise a fun adventure.

Thoughts about the Project on Day 1:

I think the project will be a welcome challenge for our team and each of us separately interpreting the story. I have a hunch this will be more meaningful to us than we expect.


Student Name: Miles W.


I play sports. I get good grades, but I hate school but, although I still love going. And the weight room is my sanctuary.

Previous Knowledge / Opinions about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prior to the Project:

I have seen Alice in Wonderland before but I don’t remember much of it. Like with most Disney movies I saw as a kid i forgot them almost completely just being able to recall the plot. So most of the story is a blur minus the parts from the video game Kingdom Hearts.

Thoughts about the Project on Day 1:

I think the project will be an opportunity to go back in time and experience the “magic” of Disney again, while also getting to see the deep and dark side of one of the most profound literary texts.


Student Name: Samuel M.


You can call me Sam for short. I like to play video games, watch movies, and sleep in my free time. I also like to play football and basketball with my friends during the summer.

Previous Knowledge / Opinions about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prior to the Project:

I have not seen the entire Alice in Wonderland movie . I have, however heard of the Mad Hatter and I have seen and bits and clips of the movie. I also haven’t read the book, but I do know there are sequels.

Thoughts about the Project on Day 1:

So far, I think this project is going to be fun. It’s also going to be really interesting and I’m curious how we will all work together as a team.


Student Name: Jenna K.


I go to school. I play soccer. I eat. I sleep. I spend time with my friends. My best friends are probably my brothers, as pitiful as that sounds.

Previous Knowledge / Opinions about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prior to the Project:

My brothers had to hide the movie from me as a kid because I watched it so much. I think I liked the idea of a whole other world that takes all our quirky words like butterfly and re-creates them literally.

Thoughts about the Project on Day 1:

I’ve always wanted to read the full story but never got a chance. So this project excites me because it’s something new and because I like the story.


Student Name: Carl K.

Bio: I’ve been here at my school since 1999. I like to be very social with other people, and I’m active in my school plays and musicals as crew.

Previous Knowledge / Opinions about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prior to the Project:

I have seen the movie before, but it has been ages since I last saw it. Therefore my memory is a little clouded. Also I have not read the novel yet, sadly. But from what I do remember, the storyline was a bit quirky, and strange, especially from the view point of a 4-year-old.

Thoughts about the Project on Day 1:

This seems like its going to be lots of fun, and test my knowledge on various subjects. And although I am baffled and confuddled on how to do this, I have faith and confidence that we will make this project the most professianl thing we have ever done, up to this point in time.


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3 Responses to “Team”

  1. Jenna K.

    Wow, I know that Alice in Wonderland pops up a lot in everyday life but I never would’ve thought it was exhibit-in-a-museum worthy. This just goes to show how great a world Lewis Carroll created.

  2. Sam Wagner

    While visiting my parents here in PA, went to the Brandywine River Museum (home to NC, Andrew, & Jamie Wyeth fame) and stumbled upon an Alice in Pictures exhibition. Just goes to show there are rabbit holes all over the place!
    Be well, ~Wags

    Museum link:

    Alice in Pictureland:
    Illustrations of Lewis Carroll’s Classic Tales
    November 27 through January 10

    Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and the other wonderful, fanciful figures found in Lewis Carroll’s famous books have delighted people of all ages since their first appearance in Alice in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass (1871). This exhibition includes work by John Tenniel, the first illustrator of Carroll’s Alice stories, as well as by subsequent noteworthy artist-interpreters, including Arthur Rackham, Peter Newell, Jessie Willcox Smith, and Barry Moser. The exhibition features over 40 objects, including original artwork, proofs, prints, and first edition books.

  3. Sam Wagner

    Greetings creators of Alice Project #2.

    I am currently outside Philly (with my wife, children, and a Chinese exchange student) spending Thanksgiving with my parents and brothers. I look forward to participating with this exciting project as one of your judges.

    Best regards,
    Sam “Wags” Wagner

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