One Cool Cat

Posted On December 3, 2009

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After I read a book I try to think of the characters that I will remember. These characters usually did something funny, important, or were just inherently different. After reading Alice, I thought to myself “Alice, The Queen, The Duchess, and The Cheshire-Cat”. Alice because she’s the main character and that kind of makes her important, the Queen because of her personality, and the Duchess because of her interesting take on life. “Why do I remember the cat?” I asked myself this over and over and then realized that it’s because of what I’ve heard and not because of the story its self. I had to figure out what was so “amazing” and “incredible” about this cat. In doing so, I found out that he’s one cool cat.

“Only in two chapters?”, I thought to myself as I tried to find greater insight into this special cat. But as I read the lines of the sections he was in, I noticed a difference. Like I did in my blog “I Found the Porpoise”, I found a striking difference between the Cheshire-Cat and the other characters within the story. He has the unmatched sense of cool within Wonderland. He acts as a ‘voice of reason’ and shows Alice just how crazy Wonderland is. Unlike other characters, instead of going crazy, and having a very strong response to Alice and the happenings she causes, The Cat remains cool and collected. In the face of ‘beheading’ he stays calm and watches the panic that he creates. He is almost a God-like figure in the story in the way he floats around and is all-knowing.

I’m glad I looked into the Cheshire-Cat a little bit more. His unflappability and control he has over his emotions, and those of others, makes him my new favorite character. Wait, the Duchess and her morals were pretty cool even though they didn’t make any sense.  1. Duchess, 2. Cool Cat


3 Responses to “One Cool Cat”

  1. Connor S.

    The Cheshire Cat does seem like an omniscient character, like you point out. In the Disney movie he is all-knowing as well, knowing the shortcut to the Queen’s palace. I agree on how the Cheshire Cat is the voice of reason as well. By recognizing that he is mad in such a calm, cool and collected manner he increases his Ethos over Wonderland by a lot. His consistency and calmness make him stick out among the other Wonderlanders, and this is most likely the reason that you remember him.

  2. Ben Wilkoff

    I really like your idea here about how the Cat is God-like. I wish you would have gone further with it and explored other ways in which he is all-knowing and all-seeing. You did a good job of pointing to his ability to control his emotions, but you might not want to back off of your main point in the last sentence.

    Great job.

  3. Daniel L.

    I agree when you said the Duchess didn’t make any sense. I did not agree with most of her morals. Also I agree with the fact that the Cheshire-Cat is one of the best characters in the story. He was very cool and calm and I really didn’t see his purpose until now. Thanks for the entry it really helped me out.

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