My Journey Through Wonderland

Posted On December 3, 2009

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My journey through Wonderland was one of great success, failure, perseverance, confusion, learning, and  fun.

Since my journey through Wonderland is coming to an end, I find it fitting one of my last blogs should be about the actual “Alice Project”. Before I this project, I had never read Alice. Heck, I hadn’t even seen the movie. The entire thought of me working together with four other people about a topic I had never experienced was frightening. I have to admit that I was a little fearful until Mr. Long put me in a group with people I felt comfortable around. As we began, we were a little unorganized because there were people in our group who had seen the movie multiple times. Others only knew of certain characters or parts in the movie. Coming into this project, the only thing I knew about was ‘the unbirthday’ scene in the movie which isn’t even mentioned in the book. But we all helped each other with understanding the story. We even helped each other with formulating blog entry ideas , which was really hard at times.

I also enjoyed commenting on other groups’ blogs and talking about the story and all of it’s aspects after school. By having multiple teams all working on the same project, everybody was able to catch a glimpse of the different thought processes put into each blog. I also liked having the ability to see all the different viewpoints of a confusing aspect of the story (like the ‘supernatural aid’ step of the hero’s journey). By seeing all the viewpoints and comparing them, I was able to strengthen my understanding of the story. I believe this entire project strengthened our friendships, analytical abilities, and writing skills. Even though there were many rough spots, and on many occasions  I questioned our intentions, I had fun on my journey through Wonderland. Did you?


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