I Wish I was a Kid Again

Posted On November 30, 2009

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If you wish you were a kid again, this post is partly for you. If you wish you understood Alice better this post for you. And, if both statements are true, this post is definitely for you.

While reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I saw Alice interacting with different people and different aspects of Wonderland. Some things Alice did I found absolutely stupid and others fascinating. Some cliché and some surprises. Trying to analyze what I read, I started to think about certain things that have happened in my life to make me see things a certain way. After a lot of thought, it was amazing to see how things that happened in my past affected how I saw things in the book.

The only differences between being a kid and being a teenager aren’t Disney being replaced by MTV, Recess being replaced by 4th Period, and Naptime being replaced by passing out in the middle of homework. Another difference between the periods of life are the thought processes. As a little kid I had a bad experience with cats, which I’m not going into detail about, but this might be why I hate the Cheshire-Cat and its creepy smile. Also when I was little I had a pet rabbit, its name was carrot. This could be why I still like the White Rabbit even though he is truly a jerk to Alice and others in the story.

But going back to how a kid thinks, I’m sick of over-analyzing this book. If I was a kid I could see things through Alice’s eyes. I could enjoy this adventure instead of trying to analyze characters and plot. Even though Alice seems stressed on her journey, I wish I could enjoy it with her instead of having to see it through Carroll’s eyes.


2 Responses to “I Wish I was a Kid Again”

  1. Abbie P.

    I really liked this perspective on it, it’s not over-analyzing anything, and it’s really quite creative. It was very enjoyable to read [can’t deny that I took pleasure in reading about your bad experinces with cats. Let my imagination run wild, why don’t you?]. And I definately agree! This book is too marvelous to be so analyzed. In the words of Chris Crocker “leave [ALICE] alone!” See what I did there? I changed Britney to Alice. =P But I really did like what you had to say here.

  2. Haley M.

    I really thought this blog was cool. I liked it so much because you looked at it as a kid. It was nice to see this post now, when we have finished the book and are coming to the end of our project, because we have analyzed this book so much that we forget the main plot since we are so focused on what it means.I am not saying I didn’t like analyzing this book, because I found it quite interesting. I never thought of Alice having other meanings and what could be made of it. It also makes me think about all other children’s stories and what they might represent. Although it is nice when you can just sit back and read the book and just enjoy it without anyone analyzing it.

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