My Two Mile Journey

Posted On December 3, 2009

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It’s the last day of the Alice Project and it’s be a very stressing, long ride. I’ve developed greatly over the course of the project and brought my thought to a new level. I started the project at 5′ 9″, and now I’m pretty sure I’m “nearly two miles high”.  

When this project started, I was very calm about the process and just kind of relaxed. During the first week I had only one post while others had many. I just thought to myself, “these over-achievers are just going crazy and I’ll get there”, I didn’t think I needed to worry. 3 weeks in and I only had 2 posts. For some reason I still thought this was ok, but no it wasn’t. I was sipping the “DRINK ME” potion and It tasted so good. Not having to blog work, focusing on less important things, and really not doing anything at all. I got to chill out and relax even though I knew something had to have been wrong.

It was now the fourth week of the project. 3 blogs with two weeks left. “Mommy, problem.” I can’t remember how many times I said that as a kid and it was going to happen again.  I needed to step up what I’m doing and change the way I work. My writing was not up to par with what I usually do. I knew I needed to focus and now was the time. This was the point where I stopping drinking the potion and started eating the “EAT ME” cake.

Two days after I ate my cake. Two days later, I had 8 blogs. This felt so good. I felt accomplished and I knew I was thinking about Alice on a higher level now and developing new ideas, and they were good too.  At this point I was about a mile high. I had to control myself though. I was so tempted to stop watch some football and play video games and go back into the fridge and start drinking the potion again. And I broke down…

Why did Microsoft make the Xbox 360? O, why? To keep me down haha. I’m down to about a half mile right now but I’ll be back. I just need to get the potion out of my system.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009:

Time to get going again 3 blogs to go. Time to see if I can do what I did in 4 weeks in one night haha. Did I? Yes. This is proof of how much I grew over this process. Not only did I improve my knowledge of Alice, but I improved work habits. I’m at a mile and a half and there isn’t any stopping me now.

Thursday December 3, 2009:

Well we’re back where we started. It’s been a long road, but I’ve made. I’m a little dehydrated and I’ve put on a little weight from the cake but that’s alright. I’m about a mile and three-quarters and after I get a couple of comments, I’ll be “two miles high”.


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Posted On December 3, 2009

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Yet another song title. People have good titles and the way Carroll wrote this book they can apply to Alice in any form.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year
With the kids jingle belling
And everyone telling you “Be of good cheer”
It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Sure it’s the most wonderful time of the year here on Earth, but what about in Wonderland? Is it always this crazy or has Alice cause this commotion. I’m not sure, but here’s what I think.

Alice had a major impact on the events in Wonderland. Of course Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland would be absolutely nothing without its main character. Haha it would only be Adventures in Wonderland. Wait a minute. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea, huh? Well even if it does, I’m going with it.

Wonderland doesn’t really need Alice does it? I mean, there’s still that creepy cat, Crazy Queen, and Melancholy Mock, right? I guess we can still have a caucus-race without her. It still makes for a great story, right? I mean sure she’s the center of an important trial but we don’t really need her right?

No Alice in Wonderland. Uh oh. Just when I thought it was a good idea, I was wrong. What is Wonderland without something special or wonderful. Nothing. Without anything unique, everything becomes mundane. As long as a world stays the same, you get used to everything and it all becomes a bore. Wonderland without Alice, is like Alphabet Soup without the Alphabet, eh. She makes Wonderland, Wonderland. Her name really should be “Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonder”, because without her all the story would be about is land. And I don’t know about you but I don’t find atlases the very bit interesting. 

After this post I hope you believe that you would rather drop a book with no Alice, and go with the following:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year
With the Turtle retelling
And everyone telling you “Alice is here”
It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Poker Face

Posted On December 3, 2009

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No I don’t like using song titles as titles. I just use common phrases that get turned into song titles. If I have once again mislead you into thinking that Lady Gaga was gonna be in this entry, sorry. If you’re into that kind of stuff go here.  But I’m into blogs and if you are too, you should keep reading. 🙂

Now I will continue onto the true Poker Face.

Lady Gaga in Alice? No, I already answered that. Poker in Alice? Ehh, kinda.

As I was reading chapters 8, and 11-12, I was truly introduced to the power and the might that a bluff has on someone. “Now who am I speaking of?”, you may ask. The King and Queen of Hearts. These two characters combined strike fear into the hearts of the many. Maybe that’s why they’re of Hearts, because they control the inhabitants of Wonderland’s. But that isn’t what this entry is about. These two ‘leaders’ control Wonderland but with what. They do nothing but act like they will execute you if you do anything against them. But have they ever done anything? No. I believe that the king and queen would also make great poker players. If they can control all the beings of Wonderland, what are a few cards to them.  This could also be why they’re cards and not humans, or lions, or any other creature that we could see in power.

When I think cards, I think of games like poker and also magic tricks. What’s involved in both? Trickery and deception. What tools do the King and Queen use to control Wonderland? Trickery and Deception. Maybe this is what Carroll thought of when he thought about cards. He created this government of bluffing to control Wonderland. And, what has a better poker face, than a playing card.

One Cool Cat

Posted On December 3, 2009

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After I read a book I try to think of the characters that I will remember. These characters usually did something funny, important, or were just inherently different. After reading Alice, I thought to myself “Alice, The Queen, The Duchess, and The Cheshire-Cat”. Alice because she’s the main character and that kind of makes her important, the Queen because of her personality, and the Duchess because of her interesting take on life. “Why do I remember the cat?” I asked myself this over and over and then realized that it’s because of what I’ve heard and not because of the story its self. I had to figure out what was so “amazing” and “incredible” about this cat. In doing so, I found out that he’s one cool cat.

“Only in two chapters?”, I thought to myself as I tried to find greater insight into this special cat. But as I read the lines of the sections he was in, I noticed a difference. Like I did in my blog “I Found the Porpoise”, I found a striking difference between the Cheshire-Cat and the other characters within the story. He has the unmatched sense of cool within Wonderland. He acts as a ‘voice of reason’ and shows Alice just how crazy Wonderland is. Unlike other characters, instead of going crazy, and having a very strong response to Alice and the happenings she causes, The Cat remains cool and collected. In the face of ‘beheading’ he stays calm and watches the panic that he creates. He is almost a God-like figure in the story in the way he floats around and is all-knowing.

I’m glad I looked into the Cheshire-Cat a little bit more. His unflappability and control he has over his emotions, and those of others, makes him my new favorite character. Wait, the Duchess and her morals were pretty cool even though they didn’t make any sense.  1. Duchess, 2. Cool Cat

Alice’s “Growth”

Posted On December 2, 2009

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Over the course of the story Alice experiences many strange growth losses and spurts. The first time I read the book and heard about it from other ways I thought it was just something random to make the story interesting. It definitely made me wonder and wish there was something to make me grow too. And I kept reading the story without thinking much of it. Then when Alice was in the White Rabbit’s house she grew again. I didn’t think much of this either and just kept reading.  Enter the Caterpillar. This is another instance of how Alice uses food to grow. Again, I didn’t think much of it, just that a mushroom made her grow. The final instance of Alice growing was in jury room. This was another growth, but there was something different about this one…

Instead of reading right through this, I thought about something. Alice grew this time, but it was because she grew as a person too. Alice saw how irrational everyone in the courtroom was being and challenged them. She rose up (literally) to defeat the irrationality. By beating the King and Queen’s stupid rules and beliefs she became a stronger person. It ended the story, but I wanted to go back to and see if the other growth spurts had anything to do with her growing as a person.

I went back to when she ate the cake to find something. Alice grew from her experiences not just physically but mentally as well. When she drinks random bottles, she does change in size. But it’s not just a change in size, it symbolizes how she grows inside as well. It shows how she grows more confident and all the 12 size changes she goes through affect her in a way that makes her shatter the illusion of wonderland in the end. The same things happen when she is in the house of the white rabbit and when she meets the caterpillar. Both situations increase her mental confidence and this is why she grows.

I’m glad I was able to see these occurences and how she grew because of her situations. She became more confident as we all do in situations and grow. I propose one final question. How tall are you?

Remember the Time

Posted On November 30, 2009

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No this post has nothing to do with Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” as the title may suggest. If I have mislead you and you’re looking for that go here. If you are interested in a new perspective on Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland keep reading.

If you’re looking at this you’ve kept reading and I thank you.

Now to the serious entry, with Michael Jackson playing in my head. So I’ve read other peoples blogs. For some reason, everybody likes making a bid deal about sex, drugs, and other “inappropriate” things in this “children’s book”. At first I said to myself ‘wow, this book is pretty crazy for kids’. But then I thought about it a little longer and realized something. The way people are looking at these things is in a modern context. So in a similar fashion to what I did in my entry I Found the “Porpoise”, I went back in time. But this time I went back to the bustling streets of London in Carroll’s time because this is how I needed to see what was happening. I needed to see this through the eyes of someone living in England during Carroll’s life. I did so and I saw everything differently.

During this time people did not live as long, and certain things that are seen as inappropriate in modern society were not frowned down upon like they are today. Children were exposed to drugs and adults did not care. Kings and Queens were married in there early teens and had sex during that early part of their marriage. There are many more examples  that I could go into detail on but I feel that they would make this post inappropriate for even Carroll’s time.

Another factor that goes into the supposed “inappropriateness” of Alice is the writer himself. Lewis Carroll may be a literary genius  but he has many other issues. Carroll is believed to be a pedophile with a great affinity for young girls and a disdain for women his age. This mental health issues could be being translated into his writing through the content, characters, and conflict. There is no telling how different this book would be if it was not written by Carroll.

I Found the “Porpoise”

Posted On November 30, 2009

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After seeing Jenna’s post “What’s the “Porpoise?”” , I was determined to find the purpose of Chapter 10 of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

And I found the porpoise. Drumroll please…..The porpoise is treading on the whiting’s tail as it clearly states on page 102 of The Definitive Edition of The Annotated Alice.

Haha, I’m completely joking. I did find the true purpose to this chapter and If what I said earlier turned you off I’m sorry, but if you care about the purpose of the chapter keep reading.

In the post, she “looked through it over and over again and can’t find anything symbolic, no deeper meaning, no hidden lesson, nothing that hints towards drugs and sex, nothing that makes fun of politics”. I also reread the chapter many times, reading the annotations over and over again. I tried to find some secret meaning to The Spider and the Fly, and although I found no hidden meaning, I did find a pretty interesting Disney interpretation on YouTube which you can see by clicking here.

To find the true answer though, I had to go back in time. Not to some weird 19th Century city and meeting Lewis Carroll or anything like that. I went back in time in my mind and read the chapter over again. Instead of reading the chapter through the eyes of an analytical Honors Survey of British Literature and Rhetoric student, I read it through the eyes of a young child looking to find something new. This worked because I noticed a sharp contrast between the characters in this chapter and the previous chapters.

As I mentioned in my post I Wish I was a Kid Again, the White Rabbit was really a jerk to Alice. Like many of the other characters within the story, they are very quick to attack Alice when she makes her strange claims of nothing making any sense to her and not knowing where she has come from. No of them believe her and just think she is a crazy girl getting in the way of the flow of Wonderland. But in this chapter there isn’t the same sarcasm from the Gryphon and the Mock-Turtle. The feeling this two give off is more of empathy. Even though the Mock-Turtle may seem like he’s always sad and the Gryphon a little haughty, the diction that Carroll gave the characters makes them different from the others.  They use words like “curious”, “solemnly”, and “thoughtfully” that convey a new tone of empathy with Alice.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is the purpose of Chapter 10, The Lobster-Quadrille.

I Wish I was a Kid Again

Posted On November 30, 2009

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If you wish you were a kid again, this post is partly for you. If you wish you understood Alice better this post for you. And, if both statements are true, this post is definitely for you.

While reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I saw Alice interacting with different people and different aspects of Wonderland. Some things Alice did I found absolutely stupid and others fascinating. Some cliché and some surprises. Trying to analyze what I read, I started to think about certain things that have happened in my life to make me see things a certain way. After a lot of thought, it was amazing to see how things that happened in my past affected how I saw things in the book.

The only differences between being a kid and being a teenager aren’t Disney being replaced by MTV, Recess being replaced by 4th Period, and Naptime being replaced by passing out in the middle of homework. Another difference between the periods of life are the thought processes. As a little kid I had a bad experience with cats, which I’m not going into detail about, but this might be why I hate the Cheshire-Cat and its creepy smile. Also when I was little I had a pet rabbit, its name was carrot. This could be why I still like the White Rabbit even though he is truly a jerk to Alice and others in the story.

But going back to how a kid thinks, I’m sick of over-analyzing this book. If I was a kid I could see things through Alice’s eyes. I could enjoy this adventure instead of trying to analyze characters and plot. Even though Alice seems stressed on her journey, I wish I could enjoy it with her instead of having to see it through Carroll’s eyes.

The Queen Isn’t the Only Crazy One

Posted On November 30, 2009

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Because I have taken a lot of flack for my referencing of The Powerpuff Girls in my earlier post “Alice’s Adventures in the Kitchen” and also had my man-card taken away, I thought to myself, ‘why don’t I blog about something more violent and manly?”.

I tried to think of the most violent being in Alice to cancel out the Powerpuff Girls but to be true to my violent intentions, I had to pick one person, and that person happened to be a woman.(I found that very funny and ironic by the way)

The Queen of Hearts
First a couple words to describe her: evil, death-hungry, heartless, VIOLENT(seems like the perfect person to me)
Now it’s time to get violent.

Before reading Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland, there were only 3 characters I remembered from the movie. They were Alice, the Mad Hatter, and The Queen of Hearts. Alice because she was the main character, the Mad Hatter because of his clothing, and The Queen because of her personality.

I believe that the Queen’s being is a microcosm of the happenings in Wonderland. She’s so irrational but everything she does makes sense to herself. She will attempt to execute anything that upsets her and it will not make any sense to anyone but her. As in many other instances throughout Wonderland, Alice is the one confused by the things others do and say. One example is when the Duchess is telling Alice her morals. Alice doesn’t understand her and although most of the time she’s making little sense, Alice is the one who is seen as crazy by the Duchess. Also when someone wants to know why they’re getting executed, does the Queen explain? NO. The same goes for Alice many other times when she asks why something is one way or another.

In the beginning this blogs intention was violence to get my man-card back. But, that didn’t happen. Instead I found a way of connecting the Queen to every event in Alice. While it didn’t solve my problem, another entry will do that later.

Words To Live By? Maybe.

Posted On November 29, 2009

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In chapter 9 of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, Alice has an interesting conversation with the Duchess. Far from the hot-tempered and ‘peppery’ attitude that she displays earlier, she seems calm and caring. When Alice visited her before, the Duchess was angry and mean-spirited. Now in her new joyous and enlightened mindset, she attempts to help Alice with questions in her journey.

As I’ve read the book, I’ve tried to find connections to the real world and tried to learn lessons that I could apply to my life, like Alice. I found it easy not to drink random drinks that I found and other people’s cake, but this chapter introduced something new. Not just characters who spoke in sentences that made sense, but morals, true words to live by. Or so I thought…

While reading this chapter, the first words that struck me were “Every thing’s got a moral, if only you can find it.” Some may not see this as a true moral but I do. To me it says that everything has an answer and solution and you will find it if you look hard enough. As Alice is, I’m constantly trying to figure out this strange and convoluted world we live in. This moral serves as motivation to keep going and never stop. If you look hard enough you will find what you want.

At this point in the chapter I’m saying to myself that the Duchess is actually making sense and could be saying something meaningful. Did I think this too early? Yes. Right when the Duchess says something useful, Carroll hits the reader with cliché and nonsense. From the quotes
“Oh, ’tis love, ’tis love, that makes the world go round” and “birds of a feather flock together”, all the duchess does is spew that which people already know and can’t make sense of. Especially the long rambling about seeming to be what you aren’t. After reading this mess I was ready to close the book but couldn’t because I knew we had an essay over it.

Even though the Duchess gave me some words to live by with the first moral. The Bottom line is that what she said was all a waste of ink.

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