Alice After Wonderland

Posted On December 4, 2009

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Now that the project has finally come to an end (for a short time), I find it fitting that one of my entries should be about the future.

After Alice was abruptly whisked out of Wonderland, she woke up on her sister’s lap. After this, she proceeded to tell her (Alice to her sister) about Wonderland. After Alice’s story, her sister tells her to run along and go to tea-time. The story then ends with Alice’s sister picturing what Wonderland must have been like.

While reading this, I asked myself many questions. I went from “How accurately did Alice’s sister picture Wonderland” to “What happened to Alice after Wonderland.”

The second question is what I will base this entry on.

After Alice ‘escaped’ Wonderland and made it back to reality, did she tell anyone other than her sister about her dream? I would presume so. She probably told all of her friends as well as her parents and relatives. She most likely even told Dinah. Everyone, however, probably lauged about it and made a smart remark about children and their imaginations (except for maybe Alice’s friends and Dinah).

I then began to wonder if she forgot about Wonderland. I thought about it for a moment and something dawned on me.

Lets just say Alice forgot about Wonderland. If she truly had forgotten about Wonderland, if she fell asleep and dreamed about another fantasy place, even if it wasn’t as quirky as Wonderland, that would be the new Wonderland she would remember.


Note: Of course, I haven’t read Alice Through The Looking Glass and What She Found There, so I can’t really say anything. This is just another one of my thoughts to consider and ponder upon.


One Response to “Alice After Wonderland”

  1. Ben Wilkoff

    I always wonder how Wonderland changed Alice. That is what I would love to know more about from your perspective. I don’t think that she could ever forget her experience because I think that the experience changed her. Having another dream would be interesting, but what about the one she just had? Why was that one an important one to have, and how will it change the ways in which she “tells her story”. Do you think that it shifts her entire way of thinking about her world?

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