Posted On December 3, 2009

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We all must thank Al Gore for “inventing” the Internet, because if we didn’t have it today, I probably wouldn’t be doing this blog right now. The internet has opened many opportunities for us, as a society, and has given us new ways to do things, that we couldn’t do like 50 years ago. For instance, we can now directly collaborate with other people around the world, via webcam, IMing, or whatever. Shopping doesn’t all have to be done at stores now. You could just go to the store’s website. Twittering is the latest craze now.

Even Mr. Long does it!

But the Internet, or computer, hasn’t just been used for those reasons. There are THOUSANDS of other reasons how the Internet has contributed to our society. Today, almost everything is being revolved around the Internet. We’re living in an era where information is being harvested at an unbelievable rate. Because of this, we live in what we call the Information Age. It’s hard to think how vast and wide the Internet has become in such a short time period. “Surfing the web” could be oh so confusing to one who is very unfamiliar to it. I guess you could relate that to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, because she too is lost and confused in an unfamiliar.

I wonder what Lewis Carroll would think about this? What if we took him out of his era, and introduce him to modern society? Do you think he would write another story about Alice surfing the web?


One Response to “www.wonderland.com”

  1. Kyle M.

    I like the amusing quip about Al Gore; also, your pondering over what Carroll’s reaction to the internet would be is intriguing. Indeed, the internet could be considered the contemporary equivalent to Carroll’s Wonderland; both in terms of the “magical” aspect, and the sheer bizarreness of the content that it often harbors. While the cynics and skeptics continue to harp about how the human race is on the decline…just look around you; this might just be the greatest era in history to be alive.

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