The Journey So Far

Posted On December 3, 2009

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Hero’s Journey Steps

Hero’s Journey Pt. I

Hero’s Journey Pt. II

Hero’s Journey Pt. III

Hero’s Journey Pt: IV

In this entry, I am just trying to get everyone caught up on where we are and provide an overall summary of what the steps mean and how they apply to Alice.

*Note* The steps are not in order of occurrence *Note*

We start of with step one, ‘the call to adventure’. Alice received the call to adventure early in chapter one. If you were to pinpoint the exact time she received the call to adventure, it would be the moment she saw White Rabbit. It would have to be this specific part because if she would have never seen White Rabbit, she would have never found the rabbit hole.

Now we move on the step two, ‘refusal of the call’.  To me, there is no refusal of the call. Some of my classmates seem to disagree. Me and Emma L. had a short discussion on one her her blogs about it. You can read that here.

On the very same entry (Emma L.’s), we briefly discussed the third step of the hero’s journey, better known as ‘supernatural aid’. I believed that Alice’s supernatural aid for a majority of the time was White Rabbit, but my perception of this changed after I finished the book, but this is only a summary of chapters one and two – so forget about my changed perception.

On the exact same blog listed above (Emma L.’s), I discussed where Alice began step number four, or the crossing of the first threshold. The crossing of the first threshold symbolizes the point at which the hero (Alice) cannot return back to the normal world until they complete the journey. I believe Alice crossed the first threshold when she began falling down the rabbit hole and completed the crossing when she landed in Wonderland.

The fifth step, or ‘the rebirth’, is also a debatable aspect. I  believe Alice had multiple ‘rebirths’. Especially when she is confused about her identity and she begins to ask herself questions about who she is and who she isn’t. A good blog entry about this, written by Brendon O-L can be found here.

Step six, also known as ‘the road of trials’ begins in chapter two as soon as she loses track of White Rabbit. Once White Rabbit is gone, Alice must find her own way about Wonderland. Her trails included finding a way out of a long corridor and getting into a garden.

Step ten is ‘apotheosis’ which basically means ‘dream, trance, or hallucination’. Alice dreams while she is falling down the rabbit hole. She dreams that she is talking to her cat about eating bats, but before her cat can answer, she lands in Wonderland with a thump! thump! thump!

This concludes the summary of the steps so far (Chapters 1 and 2). If you have any questions or have anything you want to talk about, feel free to leave your comment in the comment box.


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