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Posted On December 3, 2009

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All throughout the wonderful story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Carroll unveils many phrases, or riddles, and characters, that would seem to befuddle and bewilder your senses till you practically go mad as a Hatter. It’s quite amusing and confusing, all at once!  In reality, all of this would be considered completely absurd and outrageous, and to some this is utter insanity. However, in a imaginary world, all would be normal. Normal being that sanity is loony, the color blue is actually the color yellow, or that the first letter of the alphabet is W. This may all seem very confusing, at first to someone different, but would eventually make more sense

But was it really so confusing? What if it was actually all really simple?

In truth, everything is really simple. All of what Carroll throws at us is all fairly simple. The only reason to not understand any of it is because we’re too ignorant, and have never dared to try look at things from another perspective. We’re so use to only looking at the things one way, that we fail to remember that there is another side . So when Alice was in Wonderland, Everything was so topsy-turvy and twisty-twirvy to her. But to the rest of the people of Wonderland, all their nonsense made sense. It’s just a matter of Alice learning to see different side of view. And I think that’s what Carroll has been trying to suggest. One needs to just pause for a moment and to think about how view things from a new perspective.


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