Hero’s Journey Analysis Pt III

Posted On December 3, 2009

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Hero’s Journey Steps can be found: here

Hero’s Journey Pt. II can be found: here

Thump! Thump! Alice has finally arrived in Wonderland. Well, more like crashed landed – but you get what I’m saying. The “Thump! Thump” Also symbolizes the completion of the hero’s journey step number 4, the crossing of the first threshold. From now on forth, Alice cannot return back to the real world until she completes her journey. When Alice lands, she follows White Rabbit down a hallway and then he turns a corner. When Alice reaches this corner, he (White Rabbit) is nowhere to be seen. Now Alice does not know where to go. She has nobody to “guide” her through Wonderland. She has nobody to show her how to get out. Nobody but herself.

One could say this is the beginning of the sixth hero’s journey step. This step, known as the road of trials is when the hero, in this case, Alice, goes through challenges that obstruct the completion of the journey. The first challenge Alice had to face was getting out of the hallway. She tried to open the doors that ran along the hallway, but they were all locked. After her first plan failed, she began to sadly walk down the middle of the hallway wondering how she would get out of the hallway. Soon she came up to a table with a golden key. She took the key and tried to open the doors in the hallway, but the key was too small to open any of them. On her second time around, she saw a curtain she had previously overlooked. She moved the curtain and behind it was a small door. When she inserted the key into the keyhole, the golden key fit perfectly. The key fitting into the keyhole could symbolize the completion of her (Alice’s) first challenge, but there are more to come.


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