Transformation: Child to Adult

Posted On December 1, 2009

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At the end of chapter twelve, the end of Alice Adventures in Wonderland, readers take a look at Alice’s sister as she tries to picture the world her little sister had just visited. She imagines the Rabbit, the Mouse, the tea party, The Queen, the Duchess, the Lizard, the Gryphon, the Mock Turtle, all these characters that her sister had dreamed up. But, as she drifts farther into this dream world she is still able to hold on to reality, unlike Alice. She knows that when she opens her eyes “all would change to dull reality” and everything she imagined would be transformed back to the things that surround her in the real world. This ability to keep in touch with a sense of reality is what differentiates children and adults, the innocent and the experienced. Children have this way of believing the impossible, of absorbing their dreams and thinking of them as real. Adults, well most of them at least, cannot let go of reality long enough to let their dreams become more than a dream but a whole other world. It’s like adults reach this dead end or road block with a huge sign saying “Turn around and return to reality.”

But when is this road block built?

Is it when an individual gains so much responsibility that they cannot afford to let go of reality? Is it when a person becomes so educated that they know their dream world cannot be real? Or is it that children in a way have a longer attention span when comes to their dreams? As if adults become to distracted by the real world to really become absorbed in their dreams. I know I find myself thinking of impossible things but then all of a sudden I’m distracted by something like the slamming of a car door or my mom yelling at me to do the dishes. Children on the other hand become so absorbed in their dreams that they are not fazed by the distractions of the real world. Have you ever watched a little kid watch T.V.? You practically have to shake them or turn of the t.v to get them back to reality and then they come out of their little dream world that their t.v shows take them to. What is it that allows children to become so absorbed in dream worlds? Why can’t adults allow themselves to just take a break from reality and have a nice little tea party with some eccentric characters?


3 Responses to “Transformation: Child to Adult”

  1. Amber W.

    You made some very good points in this blog Jenna but I think some of your questions are to general to ask everyone. The truth is everyone is different. However, as people get older they experience more and more allowing them to grow up. As we grow up, our dreams pretty much grow up with us becoming more mature and less childlike. Yet, everyone should still keep hold of that small childish side in all of us because we all need one of those once in a while. Although, as we get older, that childish side could simply disappear.

    I believe the road block is built when the person is ready to build their own road block.

  2. Erin M.

    Children definitely have stronger imaginations than adults. Their imaginations oftentake them to a different world. What differentiates a child from an adault is their ability too hold on to such dreams. As we grow older we are formed in ways to where we cannot let our imaginations catch up with reality. They must remain separate. If you ever had an imaginary friend or played a pretend game when you were a child, it could go on for a long time. Children often get certain liberties that adults do not. Because children are taken care of they don’t understand the fullness of reality.

    When Alice is on her journey through Wonderland we see her make some changes. She starts to handle situations more maturely as an adult would. THen in the end of the story she is finally able to distinguish reality from make believe, and she goes back to her own world. This realization can be explained by her transformation into a more mature version of herself.

  3. Edward C.

    I believe the road block is built when a person is educated to a certain degree. Most children in America attend school, and in these schools we are taught what are government wants us to learn. Therefore we are not learning what we believe is right but what others believe is right. When are minds are filtered like this we lose certain abilities. Such abilities include imagination, creativity and much more. When someone is taught all there lives that cats cant really talk then the person starts to believe that. People hardly ever stop to question what there being taught.

    I believe that students have a longer attention span on what more mature people consider “trash” is because children have been less exposed in the ways of the people who control what things are taught.

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