The Queen Isn’t the Only Crazy One

Posted On November 30, 2009

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Because I have taken a lot of flack for my referencing of The Powerpuff Girls in my earlier post “Alice’s Adventures in the Kitchen” and also had my man-card taken away, I thought to myself, ‘why don’t I blog about something more violent and manly?”.

I tried to think of the most violent being in Alice to cancel out the Powerpuff Girls but to be true to my violent intentions, I had to pick one person, and that person happened to be a woman.(I found that very funny and ironic by the way)

The Queen of Hearts
First a couple words to describe her: evil, death-hungry, heartless, VIOLENT(seems like the perfect person to me)
Now it’s time to get violent.

Before reading Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland, there were only 3 characters I remembered from the movie. They were Alice, the Mad Hatter, and The Queen of Hearts. Alice because she was the main character, the Mad Hatter because of his clothing, and The Queen because of her personality.

I believe that the Queen’s being is a microcosm of the happenings in Wonderland. She’s so irrational but everything she does makes sense to herself. She will attempt to execute anything that upsets her and it will not make any sense to anyone but her. As in many other instances throughout Wonderland, Alice is the one confused by the things others do and say. One example is when the Duchess is telling Alice her morals. Alice doesn’t understand her and although most of the time she’s making little sense, Alice is the one who is seen as crazy by the Duchess. Also when someone wants to know why they’re getting executed, does the Queen explain? NO. The same goes for Alice many other times when she asks why something is one way or another.

In the beginning this blogs intention was violence to get my man-card back. But, that didn’t happen. Instead I found a way of connecting the Queen to every event in Alice. While it didn’t solve my problem, another entry will do that later.


One Response to “The Queen Isn’t the Only Crazy One”

  1. Mike N.

    Wow. That made me laugh.
    And the council will consider returning your man-card because of this post…

    Anyway, I completely agree with you. I did find it odd how the Queen never explained herself. She is acting like a spoiled child. Or perhaps, is she just showing her power? Maybe she wants everyone to know that she is the one in charge, and no one else.

    Either way, the Queen is pretty crazy… I certainly wouldn’t want to ever be around her.

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