Remember the Time

Posted On November 30, 2009

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No this post has nothing to do with Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” as the title may suggest. If I have mislead you and you’re looking for that go here. If you are interested in a new perspective on Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland keep reading.

If you’re looking at this you’ve kept reading and I thank you.

Now to the serious entry, with Michael Jackson playing in my head. So I’ve read other peoples blogs. For some reason, everybody likes making a bid deal about sex, drugs, and other “inappropriate” things in this “children’s book”. At first I said to myself ‘wow, this book is pretty crazy for kids’. But then I thought about it a little longer and realized something. The way people are looking at these things is in a modern context. So in a similar fashion to what I did in my entry I Found the “Porpoise”, I went back in time. But this time I went back to the bustling streets of London in Carroll’s time because this is how I needed to see what was happening. I needed to see this through the eyes of someone living in England during Carroll’s life. I did so and I saw everything differently.

During this time people did not live as long, and certain things that are seen as inappropriate in modern society were not frowned down upon like they are today. Children were exposed to drugs and adults did not care. Kings and Queens were married in there early teens and had sex during that early part of their marriage. There are many more examples  that I could go into detail on but I feel that they would make this post inappropriate for even Carroll’s time.

Another factor that goes into the supposed “inappropriateness” of Alice is the writer himself. Lewis Carroll may be a literary genius  but he has many other issues. Carroll is believed to be a pedophile with a great affinity for young girls and a disdain for women his age. This mental health issues could be being translated into his writing through the content, characters, and conflict. There is no telling how different this book would be if it was not written by Carroll.


3 Responses to “Remember the Time”

  1. Scott M.

    You know I’m thinking the same thing. I talked about this in my blog “Alice the Movie”. I don’t really see what I liked about this story. But if I think about it, I was a young innocent child who didn’t even realize all these bad references. It was just a good story and I liked the movie. It had fun colors, and cool animals, and talking creatures. What little kid would not like this? Alice in Wonderland is just part of growing up. It’s like one of those stages we go through. Right after the sucking your thumb stage and just before the liking girls stage is, what I like to call, the Alice in Wonderland Stage, or the imagination stage. Ohh Miles thank you! You just gave me a blog idea.

  2. Caroline M.

    I don’t really find any of it inappropriate. It’s a book for kids, and they wouldn’t understand the things that may have been referred to. If we want to see the hookah as inappropriate we can, if we want to see Carroll liking a younger girl as inappropriate, we can. But the truth is hookah is not all that bad. However that depends on what the caterpillar was smoking. If it was the typical tobacco then it’s effects are not all that bad, but it was a harsh drug like marijuana, then that’s a little inappropriate. So a caterpillar smoking hookah on a mushroom is odd, and can be seen as inappropriate but it really isn’t. As far as Carroll liking young Alice, men used to marry 18 year-olds when they were 40. It was just the way things were done. Things have changed now of course and that can be seen as very weird, and even when this story was written it would seem weird. But it’s been done, and at that time is was acceptable. So in the end, we choose what we want to see as inappropriate like Rachel said.

  3. Rachel M.

    I really think anything can seem inappropriate if you want it to be. I think many of the things Carroll writes about cannot help but seem wrong to older audiences, but to the child for whom he wrote the book, the stories are just stories. I know i find new meanings everyday. Things surprise me in everyday life that I never gave a second though about before. Either way, perhaps Carroll did twisted-ly include innuendo which he didn’t intend for children to pick up on. I don’t really know if he enjoyed that sort of thing, or if he was really trying to relay a message to older audiences. All and all, I believe Carroll wrote the book for one child dear to him, and many of the underlying things that plagued him in turn escaped into the story. I think it was all harmless, though, considering the story was initially interpreted through the innocent lens of childhood.

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