Words To Live By? Maybe.

Posted On November 29, 2009

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In chapter 9 of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, Alice has an interesting conversation with the Duchess. Far from the hot-tempered and ‘peppery’ attitude that she displays earlier, she seems calm and caring. When Alice visited her before, the Duchess was angry and mean-spirited. Now in her new joyous and enlightened mindset, she attempts to help Alice with questions in her journey.

As I’ve read the book, I’ve tried to find connections to the real world and tried to learn lessons that I could apply to my life, like Alice. I found it easy not to drink random drinks that I found and other people’s cake, but this chapter introduced something new. Not just characters who spoke in sentences that made sense, but morals, true words to live by. Or so I thought…

While reading this chapter, the first words that struck me were “Every thing’s got a moral, if only you can find it.” Some may not see this as a true moral but I do. To me it says that everything has an answer and solution and you will find it if you look hard enough. As Alice is, I’m constantly trying to figure out this strange and convoluted world we live in. This moral serves as motivation to keep going and never stop. If you look hard enough you will find what you want.

At this point in the chapter I’m saying to myself that the Duchess is actually making sense and could be saying something meaningful. Did I think this too early? Yes. Right when the Duchess says something useful, Carroll hits the reader with cliché and nonsense. From the quotes
“Oh, ’tis love, ’tis love, that makes the world go round” and “birds of a feather flock together”, all the duchess does is spew that which people already know and can’t make sense of. Especially the long rambling about seeming to be what you aren’t. After reading this mess I was ready to close the book but couldn’t because I knew we had an essay over it.

Even though the Duchess gave me some words to live by with the first moral. The Bottom line is that what she said was all a waste of ink.


One Response to “Words To Live By? Maybe.”

  1. Rivu D.

    You bring up a lot of interesting opinions, but the one I absolutely 100% agree on is your point about a lot of The Duchess’s morals being nothing but “cliché and nonsense”. Honestly I find almost all of those morals absolutely ridiculous and as you very cleverly put, a “waste of ink”. Her morals dont even seem like morals at times. I also like how you turned her initial statement about there being morals in everything into a moral itself, a very good one at that. As for a part of your title, words to live by, I would say that anyone living by the words of a lunatic in wonderland, a place full of lunatics, is completely crazy but maybe, just maybe, as your title puts it, The Duchess is on to something with her initial statement. Very thoughtful post.

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