The Pink Flamingo

Posted On November 25, 2009

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Strangely, I find myself surrounded by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland today.

I started my day off by trying to come up with other possible entry ideas and typing up a few of them. Then, of course, in English I had more time to work on the blog. Later I was with my grandparents after school and we decided to go to the metaphysical shop nearby, we got there a little before it opened so we sat out on a bench in the sun. I leaned over to rest my head on my arm but my arm hit something solid. I was shocked when I turned to look at what it was and saw a big pink flamingo with ruffled feathers giving me much the same look that Alice’s flamingo had given her. Once the shop keeper guy let us in I was fascinated by all the herbs and other trinkets. For some reason or another the shop began to remind me of Wonderland, maybe it was the uniqueness of it, and its varying contents, but either way I felt like I’d been transported to another world. All through the time we were there I could feel the pink flamingo’s eyes watching me. Even as we drove away I saw its beady little eye staring me down.

We then went to the ‘Enchanted Dolls’ shop, not to far down the road. We walked about the shop a little before I gave a start because on the other side of a glass case were two little dolls staring back at me. Their names were Tweedledee, and Tweedledum. The shop lady giggled and took them out for me to look at, all the while I stood staring in shock at the little painted faces and the vibrant red letters that spelled out their names on their shirt collars. My grandpa insisted I take a picture with the dolls and I did, but I was still in shock from having seen a pink flamingo and Tweedledee\dum in the time span of about 20 minutes.

Later while having lunch at the Bavarian bakery I was admiring the wood carvings and paintings around me, and I saw a big white rabbit staring back at me! He was made of porcelain, I assume, and had great dark eyes that stared curiously back at me. He had his paws out as if to hold a tray, but to me it looked as if he were holding an imaginary trumpet pretending he was at court. I was surprised that he wasn’t wearing a waistcoat or carrying a watch, but his mere presence was enough to make me feel like Wonderland was sending its own after me.

I thought after the white rabbit there would me no more coincidental wonderland references, I was wrong. When I got home my mom told me she heard that the original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, that had belonged to Alice Liddell, was being auctioned off.

It makes me wonder if Wonderland really is a different world, or if Wonderland is right here among us, just waiting to be seen and to put a spark in our daily lives with its magical strangeness and coincidences. Perhaps the flamingo meant to tell me that he wasn’t just a character in a childhood story; he was a guide like all the others to the little nooks and crannies of our world that still hold enchantment for the open soul.


2 Responses to “The Pink Flamingo”

  1. My3andaturtlecents

    Brendens right on about those messages. He even mocks war. The Walrus is the capitalist, that’s why he’s smoking that cigar and the capitalist leads nations to war so he goes and convinces the oysters(soldiers) to go with him (to become soldiers). The carpenter is the working class who hopes to gain something for the nation going to war. They also both promise the oysters dinner (benefits) but these don’t materialize. The Walrus eats the oysters and the carpenter gets none. War is for the benefit of the rich, the soldiers are sacrificed for the rich and the working class gets none of the benefits.

    You can also see the class structure in the croquet game. The player (capitalist) gets all the credit even though the hedgehogs can do it all on their own and the flamingo represents law enforcement and middle management, which especially with middle management can sometimes be difficult for their bosses. The Queen is the biggest most powerful capitalists who together can push the government (King) to do what ever they want. Notice that even though its obvious the Queen is in charge the king will say things like “By order of the king” right after the Queen asks for it. The King is there to give legitimacy and rubber stamp everything the Queen wants. He asks for a little trial to give a public show of actually disagreeing with the Queen a little just like how the government can look like its arguing with the rich people when really it is run by them and follows their interests.

  2. Brendon O-L.

    Isn’t it funny how you never noticed these things before? Now, you feel are surrounded by Alice. It is everywhere! You can no longer ignore these references. It does not surprise me that you question whether Wonderland is really Wonderland. The truth is Wonderland is our world. When we read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, we did not notice the obvious resemblances between Wonderland and us because Carroll buried our world under satirical jokes and puns. He is mocking us and our pathetic attempts at civilization. He mocks our government. He mocks our education system. He mocks our legal system. He mocks us as a society. We are surrounded by Wonderland because we really are in Wonderland.

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