Finding Yourself

Posted On November 20, 2009

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On page 111 in chapter eleven of Annotated Alice, Alice calls the jurors stupid because they are writing their names down. The Gryphon said they were writing their names down in “fear they should forget them before the trial’s begun”.

I find it ironic, and hypocritical, of Alice to call the jurors stupid for being afraid of forgetting their names when she herself couldn’t figure out who she was in chapter five with the Caterpillar.

Perhaps she has regained sanity and now, she finds it odd to forget who one is. Perhaps her journey is about to end because she has found herself. Like the only way to leave Wonderland is by finding yourself. Imagine the Mad Hatter being a normal person who got stuck in Wonderland and unlike Alice is unable to find himself. So if he were to finally find himself, would he leave Wonderland and rejoin the world of reality?

Now, I’m seeing finding yourself as the door out of Wonderland. Or maybe you really just need somebody to wake you up.


3 Responses to “Finding Yourself”

  1. Hersh T.

    This post made me smile. That is a very astute discovery. If indeed discovering yourself is the answer to these problems than how do we do that though? It seems as though Alice just, as you said, “woke up” but how does anyone else, consciously do that? Does it require a certain amount of premeditation? I like your line of thinking, congrats.

  2. Kathy B.

    I think that’s an interesting idea. Maybe the purpose of Wonderland is for one to find oneself, and all of the characters of Wonderland are actually real people searching for their identities.

    Alice fell down the rabbit hole when she was reading a boring book for school. Maybe her entire life was like this, just spent doing things she hates because she’s forced to. Maybe the White Rabbit came by to show her a place in which she can find herself, where she can have a more worthwhile life. Since she chose to follow the Rabbit into this Wonderland, the only way she could’ve left is by finding herself.

    Seeing her transition from the beginning of her adventure in Wonderland, when she was going through the list of people she knew wondering who she might be, to the end, where she questions the jurors for even thinking that they may forget their identity, is what finally allows her to leave. She can now return to reality with a new perspective on life, fully aware of herself and her values.

  3. Katie R

    I thought the same thing when I was reading this chapter. It seems rather ridiculous that all of the jurors are writing their own names down because they think that they will forget. I think this is where the ending and rather the beginning of the story sort of come into play. When Alice goes back to meeting the Caterpillar, she sort of forgets if she is herself or not. Towards the end of the story, the “dream sequence” comes into focus. Alice seems to think of this stage of her strange world to be the worst. Like we said in the beginning, she is already starting to go crazy, so is this her turning point?

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