Is Reality Not Good Enough?

Posted On November 18, 2009

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Throughout the story we are presented with abnormal creatures and places, But why? Is our world not good enough that one must escape it through a dream, or for us; escape through a story about a dream?

At the end of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland her sister is sitting and imagining all that Alice had dreamed. She knows that if she opens her eyes it would all change back to “dull reality”. Quite frankly I find that incredibly unfair to our world. Life is not so dull that one would wish to leave it, even if only through one’s imagination.

Of course I cannot deny having wished to escape situations and be the heroine in one of my favorite books, but I would not say that this world is “dull”. Our lives are so glorious; if we think they are dull it is only because we wish to ignore the beauty around us. Most of the time we imagine our situations to be much worse than they are, and when they are as bad, we are still faced by them simply because we do have the power within ourselves to overcome whatever we face if we are willing to even put forth a small effort.

If one thinks that life is dull, then look at the lowing cattle and appreciate them in their simplicity and splendor of having been made exactly in the form that allows them to thrive. Listen to their lowing and hear not rough noise, but instead the intensity of their love for their lives. Their appreciation for what they are, and have, and will be echoes through them, it is how they praise their world for their life and do not think, “If only farmer John would feed me more.” or “If only I could go to a magical world where humans spoke cow because my life is so dull.”

Now, most people will say that a cow or any other animal is too simple minded to know the difference between a dull or eventful life, however, it is our complexity that makes us lose appreciation for the most important thing in our lives; life itself. So that being said, maybe it would be better for us to accept our world and live it happily. When you feel life presents you with a dull moment, don’t allow it to dull you! Do something good to benefit yourself and others and your life will never be dull.

It is no sin to dream; if it was I’d be doomed for sure, dream away and let your creativity express itself through your art and thought, but don’t get so caught up in dreaming that you forget your daily life can be just as marvelous as a dream if you make it so. Don’t resort to pining over stories that only make the longing in your heart to live another life take away the joy you have in your real life.

In other words, dreaming is a gift we all can use to give ourselves hope etc. However, when dreaming do not degrade your reality. The only reason it might be ‘dull’ is that you are too dull to try to improve it.


3 Responses to “Is Reality Not Good Enough?”

  1. Gabriella B.

    Hmm, is our reality dull? I think don’t think there’s a black and white answer our world has many gray areas. And I think that this is one of them. I don’t think it’s fair to expect our life to be interesting all the time. Just like I think you have to slow down pull your head down out of the clouds every once in a while. But that I think is the most wonderful thing about our world. You can have it both ways. In one minute you can dream and the next you can be a rational analytical and vanilla person. But who knows I find I spend most of my time with my head in the clouds anyway.

  2. Morgan P.

    I really like this post. I agree with you. Our lives are great. But they aren’t perfect. The weird thing to me is that this “wonderland” does not seem all that great to me! It is not what most kids would consider a wonderland. It is important for all of us to dream and have hopes because that is what inspires us. We live great lives. But that never stops us from dreaming. I think the important thing is to be realistic with your dreams. Not to expect something that you know won’t happen. I think Carroll knew that, and that is why he had Alice wake up from this dream. Still I think it is very important for us to dream. If we did not have dreams, we would feel no need to get up and go to school everyday. But because we dream, we work harder because we want to reach those goals.

  3. Scott Schwister

    Unfair to our world, perhaps, but still the tension between wonderland and “dull reality” is fertile fictional ground. It’s where the good stuff happens. You can tell, because it’s challenging you, provoking you a little bit. Dullness, ennui, and the rest of the mundane family—including those wild cousins escapism, fantasy, and avoidance—are part of a long literary thematic tradition. Think Madame Bovary, for example: isn’t her whole story about dealing (or not dealing) with dull reality, and the lengths to which a person might go to avoid it or embrace a dream reality? If there’s a “moral” to Madame Bovary’s tale (we know literature is more complex than that, thankfully, and resists simplistic reductions) it might sound similar to your quibble with Carroll: “Don’t resort to pining over stories that only make the longing in your heart to live another life take away the joy you have in your real life. ” But there are much more interesting and subtle things going on in Flaubert’s handling of her struggle than merely pointing the reader toward reaching the obvious conclusion and signing our final judgment. Read between the lines and you’ll see that he’s commenting on the function and business of fiction itself. It’s all very meta.

    Is there anything like that going on here? Is this story just a failed argument for the pleasures of dreaming one’s life away? Is Carroll’s object to steer or provoke you to a conclusion, or surprise you into thinking about the world in new ways? Something else? Something more? What do you find between the lines?

    Thanks for the opportunity to read and learn from your impressions.

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