Heartless Irony

Posted On November 12, 2009

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I say, and hopefully everyone shall agree with me, that the Queen of Hearts is far from ever being considered benevolent. Actually, if you happen to come across of the word tyrant, or any other word that is closely related, in the dictionary, you just might find a self-portrait of her next to it. She’s cruel and ruthless to every, possible living organism, thats within a probable 10 yard radius from her. Some could even say that is “heartless.” I find the political irony, that Carroll played around it, rather amusing in my personal opinion. Also, just as a random question, wouldn’t someone think, if a monarch held the title as the Queen of Hearts, they would be a very kind, gracious, forgiving person? Well, apparently that’s not the case with Carroll. All she is to Carroll is just a (absolute) monarch, with limitless authority, who controls her kingdom by spreading the fear of executing everyone’s head off. But I’ve found a flaw within her rule of tyranny, and I shall phrase it in this way: ” The Queen talks the talk, but never walks the walk.” She says “Off with their heads!,” but never fully follows through with the beheading. Its like what the Griffin said to Alice,

“It’s all her fancy that: they never executes nobody, you know”

And even in the 1951 film, of Alice in Wonderland, the Cheshire-Cat refers to her as:

“[a] fat, pompous, bad tempered old tyrant”

With that being said, a particular point is brought up in mind. Does Carroll mean that the English monarchy hasabused some of its given powers? With unlimited control and power, one could easily choose to behead people left and right. From further, of my, analysis I sense that Carroll was using Alice to see the people’s side of view of a ruling tyrannt. And to also point out that ruling in such a way will only lead to calamity. So from what I see, the Queen of Hearts represents a couple of things: 1) an amusing ironic joke 2) how fear spreads when one has limitless power and control and lastly 3) a dictatorship/or tyranny doesn’t win friends and influence people, so it’s important not to rule a kingdom in such a manner.


One Response to “Heartless Irony”

  1. Alex F.

    I love how you caught the fact that she’s the Queen of HEARTS, yet she’s cold-hearted and mean, nothing like we’d think a queen of hearts would be. It’s funny, really, because there’s always a group of people that see people in authority as cruel and tyrants. Sometimes they are, sometimes they’re not. But there’s always some people that will give a person in power a bad title. It’s kind of like if you’ve got control and authority, you’re going to be given a bad name no matter what (although the Queen has certainly earned whatever bad-mouthing comes her way).

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