Er, I Changed My Mind

Posted On November 12, 2009

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Throughout this entire project I have said, and said again, that the mind is what defines us, the mind is who we are, the mind is the important part of us and the body is simply a vessel. But I was mulling over all this over my morning Cheerios and I had a little change in direction with my thoughts. I think it may have something do with all the thoughts about my surgery going through my head. I was trying to imagine what it would be like when I couldn’t use my whole left leg, what it will be like when I have to use crutches and can’t run and jump and go up stairs. What it would be like trying to work my way through the hallways at school. That’s when I realized that the body couldn’t possibly JUST be a vessel for our mind. And I think I  was right in thinking that.

Without our body our mind cannot experience the world. What are our thoughts without experiences? What can you base them on if you haven’t experienced the physical world? Our body is not only a vessel, it is a tool. A tool that is equipped with our senses. People with stronger or weaker senses experience the world differently. So the body plays a key part in the world of our minds, if that makes sense at all. I think that now, with my unusable leg, I will be experiencing the world differently. So will my thoughts change. Will my whole take on Wonderland change? We will find out.


One Response to “Er, I Changed My Mind”

  1. Alex D.

    I see where you’re coming from. We think and feel with our minds, but without our bodies, we wouldn’t know how to manage. I agree with the idea of the mind and body both depending on one another, but I don’t agree when you said the body was a tool. I think it’s more than just an object we use to get things done… It’s just as important as our minds and feelings. What would really scare me would not being able to use my body, and in that case I would just be living in a vessel. Though I don’t really think your handicap will affect the way you analyize Wonderland, it will make you day-to-day life different. (Obviously) Good Job.

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