The Reality of Dreams

Posted On November 9, 2009

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How do we know that our dreams are actually our dreams, and reality is reality? Is it possible that what we think are our dreams is actually reality and what we think is reality is actually our dreams?

I mean for all you know the world where you’re a ninja jumping off buildings and saving the world could be the real deal. And the world where you’re going to school or work everyday could be your dream (or nightmare).  Now, you could say that what we call our dreams are our dreams because they seem so unreal and exciting, compared to what we call reality. But if we were to call our dreams reality and reallity our dreams, then it would also make sense that our dreams are boring and calm compared to reality. Either way our dreams are an escape from reality. So if reality is calm and uniteresting then our dreams are the opposite. If reality is exciting and eventfull then our dreams are still the opposit. Are you following what I’m saying? Because I’m not sure if even I am.

The whole conversation between Socrates and Theaetetus on page 67 of Annotated Alice has put everything in perspective for me. Or rather, it has put everything out of perspective and left me very confused.


One Response to “The Reality of Dreams”

  1. Hagen F.

    Jenna, I think that what you have proposed is an excellent point to be discussed. I have never thought in terms that our dreams are actually our reality. What if there is a distant world where I am that ninja, but I am constantly stuck in my ‘dream’ of this world. I only get out of that dream if I dream in this world, though. This is all very confusing, but makes some sense if one just opens their mind to the possibility. Then again, not all my dreams are the same, whcih means not only am I a ninja, I can be anything I want…truly anything. It is something that I have never thought possible until I read this post, and somewhat understood what you wrote. Reality may actually not be reality, but just the opposite.

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